Tuesday, December 11, 2007

LinkedIn opens up

Well, not completely. LinkedIn has launched a developer program called "InApps". This developer platform will allow developers to write application that will run within LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has also partnered with OpenSocial and now have become a member of the bandwagon of social networking sites which includes MySpace, Hi5, Ning etc.

They also in an attempt to revamp their home page which is in beta now (here). I could fine some provision to "Add modules", however, I am not sure what value addition it is going to give the users.

Though LinkenIn is participating in OpenSocial initiative, Dan Nye, CEO, says:

"“We have no interest in doing it like Facebook with an open A.P.I. letting people do whatever they want,” Mr. Nye said. “We’re not going to have people sending electronic hamburgers to each other.”
“On many other Web sites, there is a lot of noise and a lot of interference,” he said. “When you go to LinkedIn, we want you to be confident you can accomplish your goals, be productive and move on with your day. We are not trying to get you to come back multiple times throughout the day.”

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Let's wait and watch what they come up with ... If you go commercial with your application, LinkedIn may want to bite into your revenue!

LinkedIn is definitely the most professional networking sites that I have seen and serves more purpose than just being a networking site. With their plans of going public, it will interesting to see how LinkedIn will strategise their growth.

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