Monday, December 10, 2007

Google Phone <> iPhone

I have been reading articles comparing Google Phone with iPhone. Infact, they are comparing Android with iPhone and I feel it is unfair.

Android is an open source mobile platform and iPhone is Apple's product preloaded with the OS. When people are comparing iPhone's look and feel with Android, they are not thinking that it is the capabilities that you need to compare.

While I accept the fact that people who have been Apple users and who are interested in look and feel, iPhone will be really impressive. But Android is for people who love features.

iPhone does not allow users to write applications and deploy them whereas Android does. But Apple is planning to provide these capabilities by February '08. Like I mentioned in my previous post about GPhone, free texting, flash support, VOIP, video conferencing, photoshop your pictures, editing video on your phone, you name it. If you can dream it, developers can make it happen.

Android is evolving and is open source which means we can see hell lot of improvement in usability by developers who want to improve features and user experience unlike cases where developers are paid to develop features which they might not be interested in.

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