Monday, December 10, 2007

GPhone - A reality?

If you are one of those guys waiting for GPhone (Google Phone), you are in for a disappointment.

There is no GPhone.

Instead (even better !!) is Android™. Google had announced the release of Android™, a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications and it's open source.

As a part of the Open Handset Alliance, 30 mobile technology companies have come together to develop this complete, open and free mobile platform.

Here is a preview of Android™ platform:

Developers can create application on their own using this platform and it even has a Eclipse plugin available !!

Free texting, flash support, VOIP, video conferencing, photoshop your pictures, editing video on your phone, you name it. If you can dream it, developers can make it happen.

Read Google's official announcement here. Developers can jump in here

Android is not the first of it's kind. Funambol and Open Moko are others in the field. Open Moko has even released a developer preview version (.view here).

Fabrizio Capobianco of Funambol has his own opinions about Android. I will be writing about it soon

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