Monday, December 10, 2007

Google's bid for Spectrum

Google is submitting its bid for 700Mhz spectrum along with other companies(Google to Join Spectrum Auction). With the spectrums being dominated by cell phone carriers this is a welcome change for the customers.
Its yet to be seen if google wins the auction conducted by FCC. If they win, we have to see if the services will be free or not and if its not free how they are going to price it. Check Don Reisinger's post Google will change this industry forever (CNET Blogs).

This, however is for US where people do not really rely completely on cell phones for information and there is an extensive reach of PCs. But in international market, the presence of mobile phones is far more prolific. South Asia and Asia Pacific region has tremendous number of cell phone users.
To see when Google or any other service provider will tap this market is, may be, not too far away.

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